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How Long Does Deep TMS Treatment Take?

Deep TMS Device

Deep Transcranial magnetic stimulation, or Deep TMS™, can be used as a form of therapy to alleviate symptoms of various mental health conditions. The duration of Deep TMS treatment can change depending on the prescribed therapy and the condition being treated. That said, normally Deep TMS treatment includes a shorter acute phase made up of daily treatment sessions, and possibly a longer continuation phase that includes two sessions per week.

BrainsWay’s Deep TMS treatment for depression reflects this structure by normally including a four week acute phase with five sessions a week, followed by an 8 to 12-week continuation phase with two sessions a week. The continuation phase aims to maintain the regulatory effect on the brain’s neural activity that had begun during the acute phase.

BrainsWay’s Deep TMS treatment for OCD has a slightly different cadence, including solely a six-week acute phase with five sessions per week.

BrainsWay’s Deep TMS sessions usually last about 20 minutes each. As the Deep TMS process is noninvasive, once your session is over, you can drive yourself home and go about your daily routine. In the case of OCD treatment, a brief three-to-five minute provocation is performed prior to Deep TMS treatment in order to open neural pathways to optimal treatment.

The initial session begins with a 20-30 minute preliminary adjustment stage, known as Motor Threshold Mapping, during which the relevant brain structures’ locations are calibrated. Additionally, the magnetic field’s intensity is adjusted based on the patient’s response. A shorter adjustment stage is repeated once a week for further recalibration purposes.

Following any necessary readjustments, BrainsWay’s Deep TMS device sends out a magnetic field to stimulate the targeted brain structures. This stage is comprised of a series of pulses, with each pulse followed by a brief waiting interval. The process’ repeated pulses in this stage act to regulate the relevant brain structure’s neural activity.

BrainsWay’s Deep TMS treatment combines effectiveness with convenience by offering a treatment comprised of shorter, noninvasive sessions with proven results. It is this striving for excellence that has garnered praise from researchers, clinicians and patients alike, as BrainsWay’s Deep TMS technology continues to pave the way as a leading mental health care provider.