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From Inquiry to Evaluation: Best Practices for Booking Deep TMS Patients

Managing incoming patient interest, overcoming barriers to patient treatment, and best practices in booking consultations

Justin Gammill, Lesly Sandoval, and Simone Lovell
TMS Marketing Solutions

Thu, June 20
1:00 pm EDT

Transforming Late-Life Depression with Deep TMS: Insights and Evidence

Explore BrainsWay’s FDA-clearance to treat late-life depression, focusing on clinical evidence and unique design benefits for elderly patients

Colleen Hanlon, PhD

Wed, June 26
4:00 pm EDT


On-Demand Webinars

Mastering Your Intake Process in 5 Easy Steps

How to optimize response time, automate lead engagement, and remove barriers to success.

Jake Buchanan, Brittany Gammill, Justin Gammill
TMS Marketing Solutions

From Empty Chair to Full Schedule: Mastering Deep TMS Marketing

Strategies to educate internal patients, build referral networks, and attract external patients

Christine Thomas & Ross Mitchell

Alphabet Soup: Demystifying Neuromodulation & Neuroimaging Acronyms

How TMS differs and intersects with other brain stimulation and neuroimaging technologies

Colleen Hanlon, PhD

TMS & Ketamine: A Synergistic Approach to Psychiatric Treatment

Clinical data and operational experience supporting their concurrent use

Dr. Sandhya Prashad
Houston TMS & Ketamine Therapeutics

Credentialing and Negotiating the Highest Rates Possible for TMS

Best practices in setting up your TMS practice to accept public and commercial insurance

Justin Gammill, Jake Buchanan, Darren Diamond
TMS Clinical Solutions

Top 6 Questions and Concerns About Offering Deep TMS

Two BrainsWay providers address common clinical, operational, and financial questions and concerns that providers often have when considering adding Deep TMS to their practice.

Suzanne Jasberg, MD and Nathan Johnston, MD
Ellie Mental Health and Phoenix Mental Health