Practice Support

Healthcare Provider Support

BrainsWay offers more than just industry-leading Deep TMS™ technology. We partner closely to help you build a robust practice with a growing number of satisfied patients by offering BrainsWay Deep TMS therapy.  We look forward to working together to improve your community’s mental health.

Our best-in-class partnership programs that help build your practice include:

Practice Development Program

BrainsWay offers healthcare providers a comprehensive, 90-day program to help incorporate Deep TMS into their clinic, by establishing their practice’s foundation and expanding it toward professional growth. To do so, BrainsWay’s team of experts utilizes their experience in marketing, training, reimbursement and clinic workflow to design a roadmap for success tailored to the strengths and potentials of each provider’s practice.

Marketing Support

BrainsWay’s custom marketing plan can help you build treatment awareness, attract new patients and connect with a vital network of referral partners, by using effective online and offline campaign strategies. Our support includes digital marketing, public relations, local events and traditional advertising efforts.

Clinical Training

BrainsWay’s field-experienced engineers provide comprehensive, hands-on training for Deep TMS operators, ensuring your team is equipped to comfortably and efficiently handle the treatment procedure. The training process also includes one-on-one coaching by treatment specialists, video modules and reference guides.


BrainsWay’s HIPAA-compliant reimbursement service helps navigate the complexity of health insurance plans, with the goal of helping your patients toobtain the coverage they need. Our team of experts can guide you on a wide variety of issues such as insurance verification, denials, coding and billing.

Service and Maintenance

Maintaining your BrainsWay system in excellent condition means you can treat and help the maximum amount of patients. BrainsWay’s comprehensive, industry-leading warranty package helps ensure this, with an ongoing preventative maintenance process, phone support, and a rapid turnaround serviced by our expert technicians.

OCD Launchpad to Success

As the first and only TMS company to offer OCD treatment, BrainsWay is committed to helping healthcare providers offer relief from this condition. Our OCD launchpad includes provocation design consulting, treatment reference materials, OCD-specific patient generation initiatives and practice development.

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