On-Demand Webinars

KOL Webinar Anxious Depression

Join Key Opinion Leader (KOL) Shan H. Siddiqi, MD (Harvard Medical School) who will discuss the current treatment landscape and unmet medical need in treating patients with anxious depression along with the BrainsWay management team who will discuss BrainsWay Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (Deep TMS™).

Shan H. Siddiqi, MD
Harvard Medical School and BrainsWay

Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation & MDD: Past, Present, Future

Underlying TMS clinical research and cases, Traditional TMS uses, Deep TMS advantages, and future field developments.

Dr. Doron Todder
Mental Health Hospital, Beer Sheva, Israel

Anxious Depression: An Expanded FDA Indication for Deep TMS

Webinar covering the background of anxious depression as a condition, current treatment options, BrainsWay's clinical efficacy and Deep TMS protocol, comparisons to Figure-8 and medication studies, how to think about patient identification, and more.

Dr. Aron Tendler, MD, CBSM

Deep TMS OCD Payer Coverage: Best Practices & Resources to Drive Reimbursement

Join us to discuss market access and OCD provider resources to drive demand. Other topics include best practices, evidence, coverage drivers, influencers, and more, as well as our resource center to assist with prior authorizations and appeals.

Scott Blackman

KOL Webinar on Deep TMS™ Therapy for Treating Mental Health Disorders

Join Key Opinion Leader (KOL) Kimberly Cress, M.D. (Greenbrook TMS NeuroHealth Centers) and BrainsWay's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Aron Tendler to discuss the current OCD treatment landscape, BrainsWay's Deep TMS™ therapy, and a robust body of clinical evidence.

Kimberly Cress, M.D. and Aron Tendler, M.D.
Greenbrook TMS and BrainsWay

Targeting Brain Circuits with Deep TMS™

Overview and history of brain circuit mapping and modulation, TMS targeting, common brain circuit modulation, and what's next on the horizon.

Dr. Shan H. Siddiqi
Harvard Medical School

Beneath the Helmet: Exploring the Design of the H1 Coil

Discussing the benefits of deeper and broader stimulation using BrainsWay's innovative H-Coil technology, as well as comparisons to Figure-8 design.

Samuel Zibman, PhD

The Evolution of TMS: Optimizing Technology and Treatment

An engaging dive into the evolution of TMS, how BrainsWay's patented H-Coil technology is revolutionizing mental disorder treatments, BrainsWay's 104 system software, and a live demonstration.

Connor B. King

BrainsWay OCD Training: Introduction to OCD

Learn about the epidemiology, symptoms, and treatment of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Caleb Lack, PhD
University of Central Oklahoma

Evaluating TMS Technologies: Deep vs. Traditional

Explore the differences from a technological, clinical, operational usage, and financial perspective

Dr. Raul J. Rodriguez
Delray Center for Healing

Crafting an Impeccable Patient Experience by Using A CRM System

Learn how to craft an effective patient journey, effectively follow-up with leads, and leverage a CRM system to do the hard work for you

Scott Theaman
Beyond Marketing

An Update Regarding Using TMS for Smoking Cessation

Overview of the preclinical and clinical work that led to FDA clearance of Deep TMS for Smoking Cessation (Registration Fee may apply)

Dr. Mark George
Medical University of South Carolina

Deep vs. Standard rTMS for MDD: An Independent Head-to-Head RCT

An in-depth analysis of the first trial comparing Deep TMS, Standard Figure-8 TMS, and medication in depression patients

Tal Harmelech, PhD

Advances in Neuromodulation for the Treatment of Neuropsychiatric Conditions

Brain stimulation options and ongoing research into the viability of Deep TMS for treating brain disorders

Dr. Manish Sheth
Achieve TMS

Mental Health Forward: How to Create Meaningful Patient Connections Through Strategic Marketing

Recover, rebuild, and recharge - a formula for building your TMS practice post-COVID

Dena Duprey, Jenn Karsner, Katrina Raspa

Preparing for the Post COVID-19 Storm: Clinical, Financial, and Operational Considerations for Psychiatrists

How technology revolutionized and will further change psychiatry after COVID-19

Dr. Owen Muir
Brooklyn Minds

TMS – How Does It Work? A Neurologist’s Perspective

How TMS modulates neuronal activity and impacts mental health conditions

Dr. Brian Smith
Achieve TMS East

The 3 Pillars of Growth for a Successful Deep TMS Practice

How to attract, schedule, and convert patients

Scott Theaman
Beyond Marketing