Brainsway Opens Mexico market through an Exclusive Distribution Agreement with Moksha

BrainsWay® Ltd. (TASE: BRIN), a leader in non-invasive brain stimulation, is pleased to announce a new partnership agreement with Moksha, a leader in the commercialization of CNS medicines in Latin America, for the exclusive distribution of Deep TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) in Mexico. Moksha intends to register and start commercialization of several Deep TMS systems in 2016 and has already committed to launch 10 systems in following 12 months

“Brainsway is thrilled to announce this new partnership. I am confident that with Brainsway’s technology and moksha8’s strong presence in the Mexican CNS market, we will succeed in opening up a new horizon for Deep TMS technology. We look forward to making the treatment available to many major depression patients in Mexico who are desperately seeking new solutions. The agreement reflects Brainsway’s strategy of broadening its installed base.”  Said Dr. Guy Ezekiel, Brainsway’s President and CEO.

Mexico is a highly promising market for Brainsway Deep TMS, as no other TMS devices have been approved for clinical use in this country. Under the agreement, moksha8 will be responsible for the registration, medical education and sales of this first-in-class TMS system in Mexico.

“We are excited to bring Deep TMS to Mexico.  It is a perfect complement to our portfolio of CNS medicines, as the need for an effective, alternative therapy for patients with depression is important “said Joel Barlan, CEO of moksha8. “Brainsway’s technology is a long-awaited breakthrough solution, today to treat depression but soon in other mental disorders.”

About BrainsWay

Brainsway is a leading company dedicated to developing breakthrough brain disorder treatment. Brainsway Deep TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) effectively and non-invasively treats depression without inducing systemic side effects, and is effective for treatment resistant depression cases.

Brainsway’s technology was cleared by the FDA for treatment of depression patients who did not respond to any number of medication treatments in the current depressive episode. Brainsway’s Deep TMS was enthusiastically received by the international academic community, with 60 clinical trials held in major institutions worldwide.

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About moksha8

moksha8 is a significant Latin American pharmaceutical company, with a core focus on commercializing the highest quality medicines with best in class operations and strong FCPA compliance. The company launched its commercial operations in 2008 and currently deploys a field force of 120 representatives in Brazil and Mexico promoting primarily CNS products. For additional information on moksha8, please visit the company’s web site