BrainsWay‘s New Stimulator for Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Makes German Debut at the 2019 German Association for Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics Congress


JERUSALEM, Nov. 25, 2019 – BrainsWay Ltd. (NASDAQ: BWAY, TASE: BWAY), a global leader in the advanced non-invasive treatment of brain disorders, announced today that it will be exhibiting its new state-of-the-art deep transcranial magnetic stimulation (dTMS) platform for the first time in Germany, at the 2019 German Association for Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics (DGPPN) Congress scheduled to take place in Berlin from November 27-30, 2019. The platform includes the company’s new proprietary stimulator and is designed to treat a variety of neuropsychiatric conditions, including Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

BrainsWay will be conducting individual, hands-on demonstrations for interested healthcare professionals at booth #12, providing them with an up-close and personal experience with the new dTMS stimulator and a better understanding of its operation and practice implementation.

The new platform combines powerful dTMS treatment with a best-in-class, innovative design. BrainsWay’s new stimulator has a user-friendly interface, with integrated patient management system and tools for accurate, rapid motor detection and coil positioning.

“The BrainsWay dTMS technology is an important option to consider for many patients with treatment-resistant neuropsychiatric indications,” said Peter Tonn, M.D., Neuropsychiatrisches Zentrum Hamburg-Altona. “The annual DGPPN Congress in Berlin is an excellent opportunity to showcase BrainsWay’s new stimulator, as well as to continue educating renowned European health experts on the attributes and availability of BrainsWay’s innovative technology.”

Deep TMS is currently available and FDA-cleared in the United States for MDD and OCD. In Europe, the device is CE marked for various neuropsychiatric conditions. The technology has been tested in more than 60 clinical trials world-wide, providing an alternative treatment option for patients that have not responded well to medications, or to a combination of psychotherapy and medication.

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The DGPPN is the largest scientific medical association focusing on mental health in Germany. It pools the competence of 9400 doctors and scientists in the fields of psychiatry, psychotherapy and psychosomatics who work in university and non-university hospitals, in office-based practices and in research. The association campaigns for the optimal care of patients with mental illnesses. It develops scientific guidelines, promotes training and further and continuing education and is involved in research into mental illnesses to advance diagnostics and treatment. The main focus is thereby on the holistic view of people and their individual mental, physical and social characteristics. The DGPPN actively campaigns for the participation of people with mental illness in society and against their stigmatization.

About BrainsWay

BrainsWay is a commercial stage medical device company focused on the development and sale of non-invasive neuromodulation products using the Company’s proprietary Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (Deep TMS) technology for the treatment of major depressive disorder (MDD) and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), for which BrainsWay received marketing authorization from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2013 (for MDD) and in August 2018 (for OCD). The company’s products are also CE marked for various other indications in Europe. BrainsWay is currently conducting clinical trials of Deep TMS in other psychiatric, neurological and addiction disorders, including smoking cessation and post-traumatic stress disorder, and is planning trials for opioid addiction, fatigue in multiple sclerosis (MS) and post-stroke rehabilitation.