Gavriel Magen

Gavriel Magen - Director at BrainsWay

Board Director

Mr. Gavriel Magen has been the Chief Executive Officer of Polybid Ltd., a leader in the field of expanded polystyrene products and the largest Expandable Polystyrene (EPS) producer in Israel since January 1, 2009.

From May 2007 to January 2008, he served as the Chief Executive Officer of Plassim Ltd., an Israeli company that manufactures pipes for numerous applications, including water supply, sewage and drainage, irrigation, gas, telecom, and industrial uses.

Prior to this, Mr. Amgen served as the Chief Executive Officer of Oran Palmach Subba Agricultural Cooperative Society Ltd., an Israeli producer of safety, strengthened and reinforced glass.
He has been a director at BrainsWay Ltd. since December 2006, and holds a BA in Business Administration from the Ruppin Academic Center in Hefer Valley, Israel.