Iowa Psychiatric Physicians Society Symposium – Summer


BrainsWay is attending the Iowa Psychiatric Physicians Society Summer Symposium on Friday, June 18, 2021, at the Fireside Winery in Marengo, Iowa.

IPPS is excited to offer an event to review the pandemic’s psychiatric impact on some special populations and systems.

Dr. Alison Lynch will explore how substance use patterns shifted as well as the rapid and efficient cooperation and collaboration of many entities to offer treatment during emergency-related shutdowns.

Underlying health conditions, many of which raise the risk of severe COVID-19, led to unique challenges for the elderly population. Dr. Doug Steenblock will review the impact of the pandemic on this population and some of the resulting changes in geriatric psychiatry.

Finally, Dr. Jerry Greenfield will review the basics of the correctional system in Iowa, discuss mitigation strategies developed around COVID-19, and explore the mental health effects of COVID-19 on this unique population.

Additionally, we invite you to come and learn more about BrainsWay’s mission and technology, as well as connect directly with BrainsWay team members to learn more about Deep TMS.