Need help to stop smoking?


Take Part in an FDA Approved Study for Smoking Cessation with the latest Deep TMS Technology
About Brainsway Deep TMS

Brainsway* Deep TMS is an innovative, revolutionary technology for the treatment of different brain disorders. Deep TMS non-invasively stimulates the brain regions responsible for the smoking addiction using brief magnetic fields, at an amplitude similar to that used in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) systems. The device has been cleared by the FDA for treating depression, and has been studied in over 60 clinical trials around the world.

The treatment does not entail systemic side effects, which are effects deriving from medication entering the bloodstream and circulating throughout the body.

Brainsway Deep TMS treatment requires only brief daily sessions over a few weeks, without indefinite or permanent medication intake.

About the Study

The study aims to test the safety and efficacy of Deep TMS for patients suffering from smoking addiction. The treatment will take place in leading medical centers around the world and is administered by experts. It entails no surgery, hospitalization or medications, and is based on 15 brief sessions of less than 20 minutes over a period of 3 weeks and additional 3 booster treatments at weeks 4-6. During the treatment, the patient is comfortably seated in a chair, and a cushioned helmet placed over the head generates brief magnetic fields.

Immediately after each session, patients can drive home independently and resume their daily routine. Patients can continue their current behavioral or medication treatment during the study. The study has been approved by the FDA.

Participant Criteria

Study participants should meet the following criteria: Aged 22-70, has smoked > 10 cigarettes per day for more than one year, with no period of abstinence greater than 3 months in the past year.

Study location

Advanced Mental Health Care Inc. – Juno Beach, Florida, USA
Contact info: Elyssa Sisko, 561-2678876, elyssasisko@gmail.comAdvanced

Mental Health Care Inc. – Royal Palm Beach, Florida, USA
Contact info: Elyssa Sisko, 561-2678876,

Senior Adults Specialty Research- Austin, Texas, USA
Contact info: Meredith Draper, 512-407-8628,

Pacific institute of medical research – University of California, Los Angeles, California, USA
Contact info: Konstantin Kertibiev – 310-206-5133

University of Florida College of Medicine, Florida, USA
Contact info: Dana Mason – 352-2810032

Lindner Center of HOPE, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
Contact info: Williams, Stephanie, phone number: 513-536-0704

Columbia University Hospital –New York
Contact info: Alex Grassetti, phone number: 646-774-7654