Joachim Seidel, PhD - BrainsWay

Joachim Seidel, PhD

Dr Joe Seidel, VP of Corporate Development & Strategy, BrainsWay

Vice President of Corporate Development and Strategy

Dr. Joachim (Joe) Seidel has served as the Vice President of Corporate Development and Strategy since April 2022.

Joe joins BrainsWay after leading a business consulting firm where he helped midsize medical technology and start-up companies bring breakthrough technologies to market and develop domestic and international expansion strategies. He previously held corporate development and strategy roles at Covidien, Medtronic, and PAREXEL. At Covidien, Joe led the technical assessment and market diligence of merger and acquisition opportunities in the vascular interventional space that led to the $2.8 billion acquisition of ev3. He later guided investment decisions across Asia, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Latin America, resulting in double-digit revenue growth for the emerging markets business.

Prior to his transition to management roles, Joe led research and development projects at Johnson & Johnson and Arsenal Medical in orthopedic and ophthalmic surgery. He brings a strong science background to the team, with academic research conducted at ETH Zurich and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Joe holds a PhD in Biomedical Engineering and an Engineering degree in Materials Science from the Federal Institute of Technology (Zürich, Switzerland). He was a visiting scientist at MIT and conducted research on drug delivery and tissue engineering in Robert Langer’s Lab.