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Corebrain Journal Podcast with Dr. Tendler

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Brainsway® CMO, Dr. Aron Tendler, was interviewed by Corebrain Journal about Deep TMS and its usage an treatment for depression and other conditions.

[Deep] TMS provides some surprisingly fresh answers to previously "untreatable" psychiatric problems.This is how our interview with Dr Tendler started: he hit fresh interventions strategies hard - right out of the box - and continued with deep insights throughout our too-brief conversation. Note: He agreed to return now that we've had this opportunity for an introduction on this exceedingly interesting technology and treatment. dTMS does appear to provide significant answers for refractory responses on many levels - see this list of Indications that are currently under investigation - they're more than just "interesting."

Read more about the interview, and isten to the podcast here.

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