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2012 Global Neuro-psychiatric Devices New Product Innovation Award for Brainsway

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Brainsway® is proud to annouce that Frost & Sullivan, a leading growth consulting company, established since 1961,  have determined a 

"2012 Global Neuro-psychiatric Devices New Product Innovation Award to Brainsway Ltd.", recognising the company's achievements. 

For the New Product Innovation Award, the following criteria were used to benchmark Brainsway’s performance against key competitors:

• Innovative Element of the Product

• Leverage Leading Edge Technologies in Product

• Value Added Features/Benefits

• Increased Customer ROI (small change)

• Customer Acquisition/Penetration Potential

Conlcluding that Brainsway’s deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is the only innovative, noninvasive technique that can be used for treatment of depression and other neuro-psychiatric disorders without causing any significant side effects. The system has shown high efficacy compared to the conventional treatment methods for depression and also the standard TMS systems that are currently used in the market. The key opinion leaders across Europe and United States are already using this device and the clinical evidence so far suggests that deep TMS system of Brainsway is highly efficient and is very promising for the treatment of neuro-psychiatric disorders.

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