Deep TMS for Parkinson's Disease Treatment

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  • Typical treatment term - 4-6 weeks
  • A substantial improvement in motor symptoms 
  • No systemic side effects*; no hospitalization
  • New hope for patients who were disappointed with medication or are medication intolerant

Leave behind the suffering from slow deterioration, movement and mood related symptoms and dementia. Win your life back with an advanced treatment for Parkinson's Disease, safely and effectively*.  Brainsway Deep TMS has no systemic side effects, while medication often induces various side effects*, such as nausea, involuntary movements, confusion or hallucinations caused by an overdose. Another form of treatment, DBS, entails surgery and runs risks for significant cognitive and behavior damage. Brainsway Deep TMS, as an optimal Parkinsons Disease treatment, can give you a your life back - with no systemic side effects*, no invasive procedures no hospitalization.

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Treating Patients Worldwide

Brainsway Deep TMS  has been widely tested in over 60 clinical studies in leading institutions worldwide. The CE has cleared Deep TMS for treating Parkinson's Disease and additional brain disorders, and the FDA has cleared it for treating depression*. Deep TMS is currently available in the Philippines, Europe, the USA and South America. 

Proven to Help Parkinsons Disease Motor Symptoms

Brainsway Deep TMS was tested in a clinical trial at San Raffaele Vita-Salute University, Milan, Italy. All the patients completed the study and no serious adverse events were reported.  A significant correlation was found between the UPDRS III score (unified Parkinson's disease rating scale) at baseline and its absolute improvement after Deep TMS, as Motor UPDRS significantly improved after Deep TMS. The results demonstrate that high-frequency Deep TMS might be a safe and effective treatment for Parkinson's Diasease motor symptoms.

Short Sessions that Integrate Into Your Lifestyle

Brainsway Deep TMS Parkinsons Disease treatment only requires brief daily 20 minute sessions over 4-6 weeks. In each session of Brainsway Deep TMS  non-invasive parkinsons treatment, brief magnetic fields are generated, at an amplitude similar to that used in MRI. These magnetic fields stimulate the brain area responsible for parkinsonian symptoms. After each 20-minute session, you can drive home independently, and resume your day-to-day routine.

* For references  click here    



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