Brainsway Deep TMS - Effective Non-Drug Depression Treatment

  • Effective depression treatment*

  • Clinically proven for treating severe, drug-resistant depression*

  • Provides swift results

  • Short-term treatment with a lasting effect*

  • Sessions almost 50% shorter than traditional TMS sessions

  • No hospitalization, no systemic side effects*


With Brainsway Deep TMS, or Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation,  you can say goodbye to depression - and soon. Using non-invasive magnetic pulses, it has been shown to generate significant improvement for depression patients. Brainsway Deep TMS depression treatment been proven to help even patients with severe, drug-resistant depression, who tried any number of anti-depressants without improvement*.  Deep TMS does not require taking any medication, and does not entail any systemic side effects*. 

Clinically Proven

Brainsway Deep TMS depression treatment is safe and clinically proven*, having been widely tested in over 60 clinical studies in leading institutions worldwide. The FDA has cleared Deep TMS for treating major depressive disorder*, and it is currently available in the U.S., Europe, and South America. 

An Optimal Depression Treatment

As an effective depression treatment with no systemic side effects*, Brainsway Deep TMS depression treatment has many unique advantages over other treatments: Antidepressants fail to provide an adequate solution to many patients*, and often entail harsh side effects, from nausea, insomnia and anxiety to weight gain and sexual dysfunction*, leading many to discontinue their medication. Other alternatives, such as ECT, require anesthesia and are known to cause memory loss*. 

Brief Outpatient Sessions

Brainsway Deep TMS depression treatment only requires brief daily 20 minute sessions over 4-5 weeks. In each outpatient session of Brainsway Deep TMS, a cushioned helmet is gently placed over the head. The helmet generates brief magnetic fields, similar to those used in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) systems, and stimulates the brain area responsible for depression. After each 20-minute session, you can return home independently, and resume your normal daily routine. 

* For references click here    

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