Brainsway Deep TMS Therapy - for Brain Disorder Treatment

Brainsway Deep TMS Reimbursement - Coding Information


CPT codes for Brainsway TMS




Therapeutic repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) treatment; initial, including cortical mapping, motor threshold determination, delivery and management (Report only once per course of treatment) (Do not report 90867 in conjunction with 90868, 90869, 95860-95970, 95928, 95929, 95939)


 Subsequent delivery and management, per session


Subsequent motor threshold re-determination with delivery and management (Do not report 90869 in conjunction with 90867, 90868, 95860-95970, 95928, 95929, 95939)


 Applicable ICD-10-CM Diagnostic codes

F32.2 Major depressive affective disorder, single episode, severe, without mention of psychotic behavior 

F33.2 Major depressive affective disorder, recurrent episode, severe, without mention of psychotic behavior


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