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The Treatment


The treatment with the Deep TMS H System is non-invasive, requires no hospitalization or anesthesia, and typically lasts 20 minutes. The patient is seated on a chair, with his head resting comfortably on a head support. The patient is fitted with ear plugs to attenuate the sound if the TMS pulses. The H Coil is put onto the patient's head at the location appropriate for motor stimulation of the hand. EMG recording electrodes are connected to the hand muscle, and motor evoked potentials are recorded, for determination of the desired TMS intensity. The coil is then moved and put on the head at the optimal location for treatment. The treatment is composed of a session of trains of TMS pulses. In accepted treatment protocols, the same treatment is applied on consecutive days over several weeks. The treatment has no significant side effects. The most prominent sensation felt by the patient during treatment is a small vibration of the coil elements over the head.


Initial Focus – Depression
Treating Depression – The Current Status
Bi-Polar Disorder

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials (being) conducted
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